Imagine Unlimited Forever creates life's moments with Graphic Design, Fine Art and Web Design, and fixes old Photos or any scanned file. Tell me what you need and I will develop it for your business or pleasure.



I am a conceptual thinker and visually innovative professional with a strong creative performance in design/print communications and business collateral that establishes and delivers marketing presence objectives, and strengthens company image. Leverages talent in graphic design, 3D graphics/modeling and animation, project management, web publishing, and marketing design that communicates content and purpose and increases profitability. With an AA Degree in Computer Graphics and over 45 years of experience, I approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your individual style. My style and techniques are broad and flexible.

* Commercially aware, technically accurate, and resourceful.

* Excellent visual communication skills; able to attract audiences and convey ideas to successfully drive brand integrity.

* Skilled in time management, balancing competing details, and completing projects in time-challenged environments.

All of the creative endeavors compiled in this website have been exciting and educational in so many ways and I see each as a personal challenge that I have given my utmost attention.